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2017 Announcements


    • Form 571-L - Dates, page headers and instructions (minor) changed for 2017
    • Form 571-F - Dates and page headers changed for 2017
    • Form 571-A - Dates and page headers changed for 2017

  2. Reminder: In 2013 we added back to the program the ability to reprint prior year forms. However since the forms changed significantly between tax years 2008 and 2009 you will only be able to print back to TAX year 2009.

  3. SAVE! We honor all competitor coupons. If you have a valid coupon from one of our competitors, you may use it for the purchase or renewal of our 2017 software. Contact us for further details by clicking here.

  4. All 2017 update invoices to 2016 licensees were mailed on November 26th, 2016. The 2017 program was released for downloading on December 31st, 2016. Please check back here for updates.

  5. The CdRom version of Forms571 2017 Version 21.3.1 will ship for all customers who elect to pay the additional $9.95 shipping and handling charge sometime after January 9th. Please note: the CdRom charge has been increased due to the fact that very few customers order a CdRom. Therefore the cost to produce them has significantly increased.

  6. All customers with an email address on file will receive their license keys by email.

Important note: COUNTY ASSESSORS information is current as of the program release date.

All changes to the assessor's page are listed here in order by most recent change date: www.changedetection.com/log/gov/ca/boe/assessors_log.html

Please Note: We do not automatically install the updated Assessor file in order to protect any customizations you may have made to it. Please see the FAQ regarding the County Assessor's file on our website here for further information and instructions for updating your version of the County Assessor's file.

Vista and Windows 7/8 Users

Please note: Microsoft is no longer supporting earlier Windows help files on these operating systems.

Therefore the Forms571.hlp file will not work if you are using Vista or Windows 7/8.

You can access the online version of our help file here.

You can also download our compiled html help file from our Support page.

This year's 2017 Program Releases

  1. 2016 - December 31st, 2016 Version 21.3.1 released for downloading.

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