BOE-571-L (P6) REV. 23 (06-17)
Do not include property already reported in Part III.
LINES 11-46. Enter in the appropriate column the cost of your equipment segregated by calendar year of acquisition, include short-lived or expensed equipment. Total each column. Report full cost; do not deduct investment credits, trade-in allowances or depreciation. Include equipment acquired through a lease-purchase agreement at the selling price effective at the inception of the lease and report the year of the lease as the year of acquisition (if final payment has not been made, report such equipment in PART III). Report self-constructed equipment used by you at the proper trade level in accordance with Title 18, section 10, of the California Code of Regulations. Exclude the cost of normal maintenance and repair that does not extend the life nor modify the use of the equipment. Exclude the cost of equipment actually removed from the site. The cost of equipment retired but not removed from the site must be reported. Segregate and report on PART II, line 3, the cost of equipment out on lease or rent.
Include special mobile equipment (SE Plates). Exclude motor vehicles licensed for operation on the highways. However, you must report overweight and oversized rubber-tired vehicles, except licensed commercial vehicles and cranes, which require permits issued by the Department of Transportation to operate on the highways. If you have paid a license fee prior to January 1 on these large vehicles, contact the Assessor for an Application for Deduction of Vehicle License Fees from Property Tax and file it with the Tax Collector. Report overweight and oversized vehicles in Column 3.
Computers used in any application directly related to manufacturing, or used to control or monitor machinery or equipment, should be reported in Column 1. Do not include application software costs in accordance with section 995.2 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code. Personal Computers should be reported on Schedule A, column 5a; Local Area Network (LAN) equipment, including LAN Components, and Mainframes should be reported on Schedule A, column 5b. Personal computers include the following: Desktops, Docking Stations, Ink Jet Printers, Laptops, Laser Printers, Mini Towers, Monitors, Netbooks, Notebooks, PC Power Supply, Scanners, Workstations. Local Area Network Equipment includes the following: External Storage Devices, Hubs, Mainframes, Network Attached Storage Devices, Routers, Servers, Switches. LAN Components include, but are not limited to, the following: Network Disk & Tape Drives, Network Fan Trays, Network Memory, Network Portable Storage Devices, Network Power Supply, Network Adaptors, Network Interface Cards, Network Processors.
If necessary, asset titles in Schedule A may be changed to better fit your property holdings; however, the titles should be of such clarity that the property is adequately defined.
LINES 18, 32, 33 and 45. For "prior" years acquisition, you must attach a separate schedule detailing the cost of such equipment by year(s) of acquisition. Enter the total cost of all such acquisitions on lines 18, 32, 33 and 45.
LINE 35. Add totals on lines 19, Column 4; line 33, Column 5a; line 34, Columns 1, 2, 3; line 46, Column 5b; and any additional schedules. Enter the same figure on PART II, line 2, that you entered in the box.